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What's New?

Virtual Learning = Online Pre-Ordering of Grab N Go Meals

Currituck County School Nutrition realizes that hunger does not go virtual.  Our goal is to reach as many students as we can with our Grab N Go meal design.  We have 9 of our 10 schools open and operational.  Currituck County Middle School is the only school closed at this time.

What does Grab N Go Online Pre-Ordering look like for our families?

  • Our welcome home page has the link to our menus and order form
  • Orders should be placed no later than Sunday at 9:00 p.m.
  • Pick up days are Monday and Thursday between 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. 
    • Monday Meal Packet will contain:  3 breakfast and 3 lunch
    • Thursday Meal Packet will contain:  2 breakfast and 2 lunch
  • Families must order for each student separately and for each pick up day separately
  • Families must ensure there is enough funding to cover any co-pays they may be responsible for.  We encourage cashless payments at our online payment center www.K12PaymentCenter.com .  If you have never logged in you must first create an account and then verify each student to your account.  Verification will require you to match their name and student ID.  I may take up to 48 hours for verification to occur before you can place money or see transactions on student accounts.
  • Any food accommodations such as allergies or medical conditions that prevent consumption of certain foods must be first consulted with the school nurse at the student's school.  Proper documentation must be given to the nutritional department in order for nutritional needs to be met accordingly.  Please note you may need to allow at least a week after notice in order for the cafeteria team to accommodate in case foods must be brought in different from the normal items in stock.
  • Student's are only allowed 1 meal packet for each pick up day.